Friday Freebies! { Jewellery Unique in Kernersville }

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I am SO excited to announce today’s Friday Freebie!!! Jewellery Unique in Kernersville, will be giving away a  one of a kind Jewelry piece this week!!! To enter the raffle just Like Jewellery Unique’s Facebook page. All New likes for … Continue reading

You might be a wedding photographer if…..

Winston Salem Wedding Photographer_0718

For today’s #WeddingWednesday post, a few random thoughts I have had this season about what makes us wedding photographers an extra-special breed. I would LOVE for you to add your own in the comments below!! 1. If you can listen to … Continue reading

{ Featured }Lynsey and Travis’ Engagement on Beauty and Lifestyle Bride!!!

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For this week’s Testimonial Tuesday…. Lynsey and Travis’ Engagement  on Beauty and Lifestyle Bride!!! I could not be more excited or proud to share this feature with you! Check out the feature, and don’t forget to subscribe to  Beauty and Lifestyle Bride … Continue reading

Hannah and Joel a Salem Lake Engagement Session in Winston Salem, North Carolina

Military, Engagement, Photos, Inspiration, Air Force, North Carolina, Salem Lake

As I get ready for this adorable couple’s wedding this weekend, I couldn’t help but share my favorites from our recent engagement session at Salem Lake in Winston Salem, NC.  

Finding My Creative Spirit, Personal Work { Winston-Salem Wedding Photographer }

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I feel most at home in the woods. When I look up and see a canopy of trees it feels like the weight of the world rolls right off of my shoulders.  Mostly, these days I am sitting in front … Continue reading

Friday Freebies!! ( free Sample Invitation Kit )

Just a little something I came across this week… offers this amazing array of free samples, and boasts a super-cool community of Indie Designers!!

This free Sample Kit comes with five invitation designs, and some paper samples as well!

Image by Jackmove, courtesy of

Happy Wedding Planing!!

Sunday Inspiration, Failure is a growing experience.


We all dread it,  we are embarrassed by if, we fear it. In my thirties, I have found failure to be wonderful catalyst for growth and even success.

A few years back this famous quote from Michael Jordan taught me to appreciate failure. This quote transformed my thinking, and has been instrumental to my small business’ growth. It has taught me to keep trying, and that just because something I do fails, does not make me a failure.


Image from

Friday Freebies! Just Married Chair Signs { North Carolina Wedding Photographer}


This Friday’s freebie are pair of adorable Just Married signs. Just download the JPG file and print…..couldn’t be easier! I printed the signs shown with a piece of standard 8.5 x11 photo paper but you could use card stock or … Continue reading

4 Tips to look Brilliant for your Upcoming Engagement Session { North Carolina Wedding Photographer }

Here in North Carolina I might have a bride in platform heels or maybe she’s in flip flops….even sneakers. Your personal style is your statement to the world, and how you look in your engagement photos, sets the precedent of style for you and your Husband-to-be as a couple.



{Winston Salem Engagement Photographer}2013_DSC5678


Your Engagement session, is a time to be you but, the best you. Here are my favorite tips for putting your best foot forward in your engagement photos.



1. Wear makeup. Even if you normally do not. It’s not about looking different it is about making sure your features stand out for the camera. Just a natural colored lip gloss and a touch of mascara can make all of the difference.

2. Make sure your clothing is not too loose, even if you have a curvy figure like me! Wearing clothing too loose can look sloppy and add extra pounds.

3. Do the chicken neck….. now that sounds sexy! look in a mirror. Push your face forward about 1-2 inches. Don’t point your chin up or down just push your face forward…..see the difference?

4. Relax and have fun. Laugh, smile, don’t take posing so seriously that you become stiff. Even though being photographed can be intimidating try your best to be comfortable. Most important of all your location and your outfit should reflect YOU, your personal style and story, maybe just a little more polished and refined.


Congratulations on your engagement!!

What I’ve learned About Wedding Photography so far…Eighteen ways you can learn from my mistakes


Wedding Photography is a serious job, after all we only have one chance to get it right. Even the best laid plans are riddled with mistakes lessons, making every wedding in my career a learning experience.     Here are some … Continue reading

Sunday Inspiration, North Carolina Wedding Photographer

Lately, I have turned over a new leaf in life- taking advantage of every moment to live life to the fullest. This includes everything from becoming a better me, to a better photographer, mom and human being in general. I have been busy busy busy filling up evey spare moment with something to see, do or learn. Here are just a few many of the things that have been an inspiration to me this week.


Angel Gown

“Sewn with love by volunteer seamstresses, donated wedding gowns are used to create beautiful gowns for families grieving the death of their child.  It is an honor for us to provide gowns free of charge to any family or hospital requesting our Angel Gown garments”

Information about how you can help or donate, and resources for bereaving parents can be found at the website linked above.




Library Themed Wedding Stationary!!

The ideas for engagement sessions, are flowing like crazy and I just found a couple of bibliophiles…yay!

Photo by KMI Photography Inc.


Hallelujah The Welcome Table, by Maya Angelou

Anyone who knows me will quickly find out that I love two things: reading and food. Maya’s memories, and stories bring these recipes to life and as a reader I am taken into her warm personality and charming stories, as a foodie I am impressed with the authentic tried and true recipes.


Courthouse Weddings!

They are super chic, and everyone’s doing it!!  So much fun- I am SO feeling Civil Ceremonies right now!

Joann and Bryant, Winston Salem Courthouse Wedding Photography (45)

This Quote-

Makes me want to suck it up, tough it out, man up….

Pretty much applies to EVERYTHING diet, marriage, business, being a mom and any other challenges you may face.


The Mountains-

Make me feel amazing inside, and free my mind to think and be inspired all week long.

My sister took this image of me at Hanging Rock State Park

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